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NEW - GIANTLAND SIZE HOSTAS 3 or more divisions


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2022 Open House Weekends


** Saturday, May 28th – Sunday, May 29th – Monday, May 30st **


** Friday, June 3th – Saturday, June 4th – Sunday, June 5th**


** Saturday, July 2nd – Sunday, July 3rd – Monday, July 4th**


** Saturday, July 30th – Sunday, July 31st**

A Sad Ending…A New Beginning


If you’ve visited this site before, you may have gotten to know and grown to love Land of the Giants proprietor, Jeff Miller. Like so many of the new hosta varieties he introduced over the years, he was truly one of a kind. Unfortunately, last season ended tragically with the untimely passing of both Jeff and his beloved wife Penny, leaving some very big shoes to fill.  However,  just as one season follows another,  a new spring is arriving and bringing with it a time for new beginnings. In that spirit, I am stepping up to continue the business and honor my Father’s legacy along with my partner, Pedro. 


Your patronage over the years has been greatly appreciated, and your continued support and patience during this transition will be appreciated even more.  There is a LOT to learn, and we’ll need to take it slowly in this first year as we’re getting our footing. The most notable change for now will be the temporary suspension of new online orders.  Existing orders from late 2021 will be filled as early as possible. Then, we’ll be taking a step back to more fully assess the gardens and how to best approach the future of the Land of the Giants Hosta Farm and online ordering. It is our genuine desire to continue to  serve hosta lovers everywhere, and your support and patience as we begin this new chapter means everything to us. We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming Open Houses, and encourage you to keep checking our website and Facebook page for more updates!  Thank you! 



Ashley Miller and Pedro Moscoso




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